What is a Real Magic Wand For and How to Use Your Real Magic Wand

A real magic wand really is a guide and focus point of energy. Wands can be produced out of copper, crystals, hardwood as well as pretty much anything else. A wand transforms into an energy instrument once all of the parts are put together correctly. A real magic wand is able to send out energy to anything and just about anywhere. Wands enable you to manifest almost anything your mind wishes. They may also be employed to promote healing and to burst through energy blockers.

How Should You Make Use of Your Real Magic Wands?

The first thing you should do should be to rub your hands together for approximately ten seconds or so to open up the energy path ways in your hands. Next you need to grasp the real magic wand in your writing hand. Think of it in this way, a person's prominent, or writing hand, pushes the energy and your other hand receives the energy. And after that aim the tip of the magic wand at the other hand. At this time you need to visualize using all your abilities that you see and feel energy transferring from the middle of your body, through your arm and into the wand, along to the tip and into your receiving hand. Should you use your wand with anger or negative thoughts, you will need to purify it as fast as possible. Your magic wand will soak up negativity and you will want to release it.

Do You Know the Ways to Use Real Magic Wands?

Real Magic Wand energy is often used for healing, focusing amulets, enchanting very common objects, harmonizing and also grounding yourself, improving a ability, or to deliver your future the way you want. All types of healing are methods of opening up the energy stream, and breaking down blocks, returning to a balanced condition. Stress, anxiety, mild to severe headaches, nicks, and basically all aches and pains, even psychological and emotional issues, can be treated. All of these wounds are obstructions in your energy flow. Stress: the energy route of “letting go” is obstructed. Nerves are energy paths from your brain. Cuts: the paths on the skin are actually severed. When you're mentally hurt mainly because you just aren't letting go of the pains (energy obstruction). Migraine headaches: blockages of your blood or some other imbalances takes place when the necessary energy is not able to make it to the brain. Nonetheless if the cause of the trouble is not resolved the healing is just brief, i.e. head ache for dehydration, the headache can be absolved but without the benefit of ingesting water it will come back before long.

Real Magic Wands

How to Re-Energize Your Real Magic Wand

On occasion our real magic wands may well begin to drop their charge, if this crops up, you will absolutely need to recharge it. You may also hold the wand in both hands and send energy from your hands and body into the wand. Just imagine the real magic wand glowing with a radiant pure white light. Charging the wand with both of your hands can be draining of one's personal energy when ever charges are required frequently. Should you feel energy depleted consider attracting energy in from the bottoms of your feet and also the top of your head and allow it to accumulate in the center of your body. But bear in mind, pyramid collectors are able to continuously collect energy. Therefore the power that's stored inside of the pyramid is strong and long lasting. Wands can act as sponges and they'll draw in all surrounding energies, so be careful permitting other people handle it. You could pick up their bad vibes! It’s ideal to keep your wand wrapped in cloth or in a specialized wand bag, to keep the wand isolated from the outside domain and keep the energy true to you, with no contaminants. I have generally determined that violet, blue, black or celestial type styles perform the most reliable. Keep in mind you should always pay attention to your own feelings.

Cleaning Your Real Magic Wand

Cleansing is employed to eliminate undesirable energy from your wand. Wands or other objects can be placed on Selenite for a duration of time in order to permit cleansing. Set the magic wand on Selenite for a couple of hours or up to several days, depending on the cleaning it needs. The bigger the piece of Selenite you possess, the quicker and stronger the cleaning will be. One other way to cleanse your real magic wands is to try using burning sage, which is known as smudging. Hold the smoking sage beneath the wand and envision the smoke soaking up all the negative energy coming from the wand as it passes. Additionally you can set the wand in a river, but use caution that it doesn’t get washed away. The flowing waters will wash away all unfavorable energy. A word of note, do not put a wood wand in a river, it could possibly damage or possibly even ruin it.