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Handcrafted Willow Real Magic Wand

Real Witches Willow Ritual Wands

The moment one thinks about the incredibly long historic past of Wicca and real magic Wands, you should really make sure to take into consideration the magical properties of the Willow magic Wand. This flexible, magical willow wood is notably recognized for being linked with death, and also being regularly tied in to magic relating to the moon.

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Real Magical Wiccan Rosewood Wand

Real Magic Rosewood Wands

With the help of deep crimson red, brownish, and black shade, Honduras Rosewood is probably most famous due to its use in very fine wood working including custom made cabinetry and furniture, as well as composition of musical instruments. Quite strong and enduring, Honduras Rosewood trees have the ability to grow to surprising heights, with their robust limbs typically reaching the highest canopies of the tropical forests where they grow. Rosewood from Honduras carry superior strength and are abundant in earthen qualities. Therefore, Rosewood wands give an increased boost to nature based spells and any practice that relates to nature will surely gain advantage through the magical powers of the Real Rosewood magic wand.

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Real Magic Ebony Wands

Real Magic Ebony Wands

Each of our Real Ebony Wiccan Wands is hand carved from solid pieces of Gaboon Ebony, rendering every last one a one-of-a-kind art work. Their singularity adds to the impact they can supply to your magic energies and spell casting. If you are looking for a Real Magic Ebony Wand that is destined to function as a strong channel for protection spells you may perhaps use, then an Real Ebony Wand is just what you are looking for. They amplify energies which make them perfect for almost every spell or ritual you may need to conduct. When employing God and Goddess wizardry, the Ebony Wand's darker coloration can work exceptionally well with almost any other lighter toned magic wand that you might already have to level out the energies.

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Handcrafted Real Magic Crystal Point Wand Employing a Terminated Quartz Crystal Point

Real Magic Crystal Wands

Whenever we find a wand which includes a quartz crystal, we should know that it's a strong wand for healing. Quartz is really a restorative healing crystal and its put to use in directing renewal and healing energies. If the quartz crystal point is directed away from the your body, it's going to pull the harmful energies off of your entire body and if it's aimed at a person, it is going to direct that healing renewal energy inward. The quartz crystal is able to help you to harmonize people within a group. They are sometimes useful to assist in organization of a variety of tasks. For instance, such as studying, composition or strategic plans. Various other stones, gemstones and crystals can easily be cleared by resting them on a cluster of quartz crystals and clusters can also be used to trigger and further enhance the energies of numerous other stones and crystals.

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Real Magic Lignum Vitae Wands

Real Magic Lignum Vitae Wands

Lignum Vitae is an exceptionally dynamic magic wood material. this wood is amazingly heavy duty and strong. With a substantial mass and astonishing hardness, Lignum Vitae is indeed so dense it can sink in water. Acknowledged by other names, among them "Guayacan," Greenheart," and "Iron Wood," the name Lignum Vitae itself means "wood of life." This is certainly quite possibly because it is well-known as a vibrant aid in maintaining health and well-being, and is frequently a potent factor in spells and ritual work with such intentions. Its solid properties may also be reflected in the effectiveness it can give to spells of protection.

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Copper Healing Magic Wand

Real Magic Healing Copper Witch Wands

All the way through the long lines of our historic past, copper has long been associated with restorative healing. Employing copper as the structure for a healing wand, these kinds of restorative healing effects becomes quite powerful. It actually has for ages, been used to combat rheumatism and inflammation of the joints and also as an overall component to curative rituals and spells. Copper is also deemed to be a metal that brings luck, quite possibly because of its past solar connections, and as a consequence is often put into use in combination with all other luck bringing crystals and stones for more effective rites and spell casting.

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Real Agate Chakra Magic Wand

Real Agate Chakra Magic Wands

When you're seeking to enhance your channels of restorative healing power, this Magic Agate Chakra Wand will assist you with that and plenty of other functions. Combining the attributes of crystals, the Real Agate Chakra Healing Wand is unquestionably an extraordinary device of wondrous enchanting capabilities. From top to bottom it features among the most exquisite examples of Agate in 7 different colors, with each representing one of the 7 Chakras. Employ this to aid you to explore your Chakras and work utilizing these stores of energies or to study, purify, and normalize the energies of others with the help of a renewed focal point and association.

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Magic Rose Quartz Wand

Real Magic Rose Quartz Healing Wands

Know as the "Love and Heart Stone", Rose Quartz will zone you in to the true love in life your searching for. This unique romance quartz crystal will unblock your spirit and help to stabilize it in preparation for loving personal relationships. And not only will this Real Magic Rose Quartz Healing Wand can help to nurture your romantic life, but it is also an extraordinary healer. It can heal your romantic life and it can renew almost every other portion of your life as well. It brings about romantic relationships and promotes significant self-healing. When your Magic Rose Quartz Healing Wand isn't in use, put it near to you or underneath your trusty pillow at night and it will give you dreams of your romances. Incredible for the spirit and Heart Chakra!

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